Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 1: Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to week 1 of my new blog: The Metal Detector! I will be posting my favorite song or new material from the week that I think people should give some attention to. This does focus on metal, but my music taste is quite varied so don't be surprised to find something not quite the norm!

As for the first week I'm actually starting with an album from earlier this year. "Set Course For Andromeda" by Sithu Aye. Sithu is an independent guitarist and he's primarily focused on solo work such as this album and his previous LP from 2012. Long story short, this album is a masterpiece. The first half plays more like a standard album with varied ideas and not necessarily many connections between the songs. However, when you switch into the second half with The Andromeda Pt 1-6, you truly find something magical. An insanely progressive and beautifully melodic journey where I still find new intricate details every time I give it another listen.

This is my first choice for a weekly post because I feel this album truly has something that can appeal to everyone. Sithu progresses through soaring ambient melodic sections and then transitions perfectly into heavy djent based verses, all with ease. Also being instrumental, listeners are able to truly appreciate the fidelity of this mix and musicality. Plenty of other talented musicians lend their hands on multiple tracks, but this is Sithu's masterpiece. Definitely one to give your full attention to.