Monday, October 31, 2016

Spooky Metal

Happy Halloween headbangers! In traditional Halloween fashion, Code Orange decided to release one of the spookiest singles of the year. This shit makes me wanna crowd-kill while walking down the street. So excited to know that we have another album from this group right around the corner. The single bears the same name as the album, Forever, and shows us some of the heaviest material I've ever heard from Code Orange. Very reminiscent of I Am King LP, but at the same time, I sense evolution here. This track satisfies that power-violence-hardcore itch with a flurry of instrumentals and brooding violent vocals. Honestly even thought to myself, "shit is this Code Orange or Nails?" at one point. I'm excited to hear if the album fully fleshes out this new Code Orange, and can maintain the brutal sonic-sphere that has been laid down by this single.


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